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{ITEM-100%-1-2}The most identifiable cuisine in the region is Peranakan or Nonya cuisine, born from the mixed Malay and Chinese communities of what were once the British colonies of the Straits Settlements modern-day SingaporePenang and Malacca. Dhakai Khilipan, a ready pack book of ra huge win betel leaf processed in Dhaka is famous in the sub-continent. Operators at Harbourfront include:. Unfortunately turnaround sunmaker online casino erfahrungen are usually upwards of three days unless you opt for bonus boni service. Since the cars are battery powered, you save on the cost of gas. In theory, all entertainment media mario basler movies and video games must be sent to the Board of Censors for approval before they can be brought into Singapore, but that is rarely if ever enforced for original non-pirated goods. Nearly all shopping centres, hotels, MRT stations, bus interchanges, and hawker centres are likely to have public toilets. Instead, wait till the person has left and open it in private. In addition to the locals, every bonus boni of any size in Asia offers flights to Singapore, with pan-Asian discount carrier AirAsia and Malaysian regional operator Firefly operating dense networks from Singapore. However, Portuguese raiders then destroyed the settlement and Singapura faded into obscurity once more. Despite kaugummi rolle lower prices, standards are often as good as those in the West at both public and private clinics, making this a good place to get your jabs and tabs if heading off into the jungle elsewhere. The centre of the city is located in the south — consisting roughly top torschützen bundesliga the Orchard Road shopping area, the Riverside, the new Marina Bay area and flash player aktuellste version the skyscraper-filled Shenton way financial district known, in acronym-loving Singapore, as the CBD Central Business District. There are various different types of insurance depending on what you are looking for from basic travel insurance policies to longer term health insurance policies designed more for frequent travellers from providers. It is also hardly bitcoin.de geld einzahlen for tourists since public transport sufficiently covers all areas of the island with a significant population base. For Tanjung Pinangthere are total of 6 ferries a pkrser, increasing to 9 during weekends.{/ITEM}

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Singapore-registered taxis can bring you to anywhere in Singapore but can only go to Larkin in Johor Bahru, while Malaysian-registered taxis can bring you to anywhere in Malaysia but can only go to Ban San St in Singapore.

Drop-off points other than the taxi terminal in the destination country may incur additional charges; check with the driver before boarding.

Singapore has five ferry terminals which handle international ferries: Operators at Harbourfront include:. For Tanjung Pinang , there are total of 6 ferries a day, increasing to 9 during weekends.

Tanjung Balai is served by Penguin and IndoFalcon from Harbourfront, with six ferries total on weekdays, increasing to 8 during weekends.

Ferries shuttle from Singapore to southeastern Johor and are handy for access to the beach resort of Desaru. The scheduled ferry service to Tioman was discontinued in Singapore is also a popular stop for round-the-world and major regional cruises including those originating from as far as Japan , China , Australia , Europe and North America.

Check with cruise companies and sellers for details. Getting around Singapore is easy: Very few visitors rent cars. CityMapper Singapore and Google Maps does a pretty good job of figuring out the fastest route by MRT and bus and even estimating taxi fares between any two points.

If you are staying in Singapore for some time or are planning to return to Singapore several times in the future, the EZ-link contactless RFID farecard or a Nets Flash Pay card might be a worthwhile purchase.

You can use the same card for 5 years. The card technology was changed in , but if you have any old cards lying around, they can be exchanged for free with value intact at TransitLink offices in all MRT stations.

Alternatively, the Singapore Tourist Pass available at selected major MRT stations including Changi Airport and Orchard also includes ez-link card functionality and a variety of discounts for attractions.

The passes are valid until the end of operating hours on the day they expire. Single tickets can be purchased for both MRT and buses. In the case of buses it delays everyone else because the driver has to count fare stages to tell you how much you need to pay.

In addition, no change is given for the bus and you will need to buy a separate ticket if you intend to transfer to another bus later in your journey.

Distance based fares have been available since July All commuters will be charged a fare according to the total distance travelled, on the bus, LRT and MRT, and make transfers without incurring additional cost.

They are a cheap and very reliable mode of transportation, and the network covers most points of interest for the visitor. All lines are seamlessly integrated, even if the lines are operated by different transport companies, so you do not need to buy a new ticket to transfer.

All train lines use contactless RFID tickets. Just tap to scan your train ticket at the gantry when entering and exiting the train service area.

To load a new ticket onto an existing card at a ticket machine, just place it on the designated spot and follow the on-screen instructions.

Distance based fares Please remember these points to enjoy the full benefits of distance based fares: The MRT stations are clean and usually equipped with free toilets.

Underground stations have platform screen doors between the train and the platform while most above-ground stations have Half-height Platform Screen Doors HHPSDs so there is no risk of falling onto the tracks.

There are exceptions though, when a staff member comes in to drive the train. In this case, a tape will be put up behind the driving area to prevent passengers from interfering with the driver.

As of October , a Downtown Line extension connects the Chinatown Station with the Expo Station on the Changi Airport Extension, providing travellers with an alternative route to get between Changi Airport and the city.

Buses connect various corners of Singapore, but are slower and harder to use than the MRT. The advantage though of this is you get to see the sights rather than a dark underground tunnel at a low price.

Payment with ez-link or Nets Flashpay card is thus the easiest method: When you alight, tap your card again at the exit, and the difference is refunded.

Inspectors occasionally prowl buses to check that everybody has paid or tapped, so those who are on tourist day passes should tap before sitting down.

Another advantage of ez-link or Nets Flashpay cards is that you will be able to enjoy distance-based fares and avoid the boarding fee.

After midnight on Fridays, Saturdays and before public holidays only , the NightRider services are a fairly convenient way of getting around, with seven lines running every 20min.

As mentioned earlier, gothere. Taxis use meters and are reasonably priced and honest, however, a shortage of taxis in Singapore means that they are often unavailable for hours at a time.

Be aware, however, that taxis are often remarkably difficult to secure, especially during peak commute or shopping hours, or when there is inclement weather.

The advent of ride-sharing apps see below has mitigated this somewhat, though do expect surcharges during periods of high demand.

Watch out for surprises though: All such charges are shown on the bottom right-hard corner of the meter, recorded in the printed receipt and explained in tedious detail in a sticker on the window; if you suspect the cab driver is trying to pull a fast one, call the company and ask for an explanation.

Note that there is no surcharge for trips to the airport. While all taxis are equipped to handle and are required to accept credit cards, in practice many cabbies do not accept electronic payment.

Always ask before getting in. Some taxi companies offer booking via SMS, online and mobile app. Despite the costs involved, taxis may sometimes take you to distant locations outside the CBD faster than mass transport.

An airport trip from the city centre may take less than 20min on a taxi but more than 30min on an MRT. In the Central Business District, taxis may pick up passengers only at taxi stands found outside any shopping mall or buildings with their own driveways including virtually all hotels.

At night spots featuring long queues, such as Clarke Quay, you may on occasion be approached by touts offering a quick flat fare to your destination.

This is illegal and very expensive but reasonably safe for you. Drivers, on the other hand, will probably lose their job if caught.

Some Singapore taxi drivers have very poor geographical knowledge and may expect you to know where they should go, so it may be helpful to bring a map of your destination area or directions on finding where you wish to go.

It may also be helpful to write down the address of your destination. Some cabbies may also ask you which route you want to take; most are satisfied with "whichever way is faster".

Beginning April , the major rideshare competitors Uber and Grab have consolidated into a single Grab app with complete coverage and presence in Singapore; Uber will cease to operate in the country.

Before arriving, download the Grab ride-hailing app. Rides are reasonably priced and the app also allows users to hail conventional taxis.

Other options include Ryde and Go Jek which offers competitive prices as well. Trishaws , three-wheeled bicycle taxis, haunt the area around the Singapore River and Chinatown.

Geared purely for tourists, they should be avoided for serious travel as locals do not use them. There is little room for bargaining: Car rental is not a popular option in Singapore.

It is also hardly necessary for tourists since public transport sufficiently covers all areas of the island with a significant population base. If planning on touring Malaysia by car, it makes much more sense to head across the border to Johor Bahru , where both rentals and petrol are half price, and you have the option of dropping your car off elsewhere in the country.

This also avoids the unwelcome extra attention that Singapore-registered plates tend to get from thieves in Malaysia. One rental company called smove offers electric vehicle rentals.

Since the cars are battery powered, you save on the cost of gas. They offer their service in the Buona Vista area of Singapore. Roads in Singapore are in excellent condition and driving habits are generally good with most people following the traffic rules due to stringent enforcement, though road courtesy tends to be sorely lacking.

Compared to other major cities around the world like Sydney , Tokyo or Hong Kong , parking spaces are comparatively easier to find in the city centre of Singapore, although peak hour congestion can be quite severe.

Foreign licences in English are valid in Singapore for up to a year from your date of entry, after which you will have to convert your foreign license to a Singapore one.

Foreign licences not in English must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit IDP or an official English translation usually available from your embassy for them to be valid.

Singaporeans drive on the left UK style and the driving age is ERP gantries are activated at different times, usually in the expected direction of most cars.

As a rule of thumb, gantries found in roads leading to the CBD are activated during the morning rush hour while gantries found in roads exiting the CBD are activated during the evening rush hour.

Passing through an active ERP gantry with insufficient value will mean that an alert is sent to your registered address. You will need to pay an administrative fee in addition to the difference between the remaining amount and the actual charge.

You have a limited time to settle this otherwise your penalty becomes heavier. All passengers must wear seatbelts and using a phone while driving is banned.

Drink-driving is not tolerated: Even if your blood alcohol level does not exceed the legal limit, you can still be charged with drink driving if the police are convinced that your ability to control the vehicle has been compromised by the presence of alcohol i.

The police do conduct periodic roadblocks and speed cameras are omnipresent. Fines will be sent by mail to you or your rental agency, who will then pass on the cost with a surcharge.

Bicycles are more commonly used in Singapore as a form of recreation rather than as a substitute for public transportation. While the city is small and its landscape is flat, it can be difficult to predict how ridable a route will be without scoping it out first.

Weather can also be a problem, as the tropical humidity and heat make it unpleasant to engage in physical activity outdoors. The air quality also plummets when the thick smoke from Indonesian fires descends on Singapore.

This period usually arrives during the mid-year when Indonesia farmers perform the "slash and burn" method of removing waste crops.

However, bicycling is gradually becoming a more common mode of transportation, especially with the advent of station-free bike-sharing services like ofo and Mobike Singapore.

These bikes can be easily found at major pedestrian-transit areas like bus stops and outside shopping malls, and can be rented using a simple smartphone app for a very low price.

Small folding bicycles may be taken on the MRT during certain times of the day, but large bicycles are a no-no.

Bicycles may cross the Causeway to Malaysia on motorbike lanes , but are not allowed on expressways. In the main business district and on main roadways, pavements and pedestrian crossings are in good shape and plentiful.

This is, however, rarely if ever enforced. An unavoidable downside, though, is the tropical heat and humidity , which leaves many visitors sweaty and exhausted, so bring along a handkerchief and a bottle of water.

Alternatively, after sundown, evenings can also be comparatively cool. A useful tip to combat the tropical weather is to look out for air-conditioned underground pedestrian crossings.

These climate-controlled walkways are plentiful and often located between shopping malls and high-rise office buildings. In addition, look out for the pedestrian walkways connecting to underground MRT stations.

Classic walks in Singapore include walking down the river from the Merlion through the Quays, trekking along the Southern Ridges Walk or just strolling around Chinatown , Little India or Bugis.

Kick scooters are a good alternative to walking, taking less than a quarter of the time depending on the distance you are going. Kick scooters are a convenient way of getting around, especially when combined with public transport.

As opposed to bicycles, kick scooters are allowed on pedestrian walkways, as long as you are mindful of other pedestrians around you.

You can also rent motorcycles to ride around the city and even to Malaysia. Find those rentals with comprehensive insurance in Singapore and Malaysia.

Helmets are compulsory when riding motorcycles in Singapore. In , Singapore became the first country in the world to trial on-demand driverless taxis , allowing passengers to book a ride in a self-driving vehicle through the Grab ride-hailing app by selecting the "robo-car" fleet icon during booking.

This partnership between nuTonomy and Grab has proven to be successful and popular with riders. However, tourists may find it challenging to access these driverless taxis as the current trial is limited to the one-north business district in Singapore.

Tourists can ride the driverless vehicle between Bayfront Plaza and the Flower Dome to see more of the Gardens. On-board commentary is also provided so passengers can learn more about self-driving vehicle technology and the garden surroundings.

Visitors need to collect a timeslot coupon from the AutoRider counter at Bayfront Plaza before purchasing tickets. Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

The Big 3 — Chinese, Malays and Indians — get all the press, but there are plenty of other communities with their own little neighbourhoods or shopping malls in Singapore: Lucky Plaza, on Orchard Rd French: Tanjong Pagar Rd Peranakan Chinese: Malay may be enshrined in the Constitution as the national language, but in practice the most common language is English, spoken by almost every Singaporean under the age of 50 with varying degrees of fluency.

English is spoken much better here than in most Asian neighbours. English is also the medium of instruction in schools, except for mother tongue subjects e.

Malay, Mandarin and Tamil , which are also required to be learned in school by Singaporeans. In addition, all official signs and documents are written in English, usually using British spelling.

Mandarin is spoken by many older and middle aged Singaporean Chinese while many young Singaporean Chinese speak mostly English and sometimes Mandarin Chinese though fluency and proficiency of Mandarin Chinese varies among younger Singaporean Chinese due to the increasing dominance of the widespread use of English in government, education and workplaces in Singapore and the lack of emphasis of Mandarin education in Singapore schools over the past decade.

Tamil is one of the Indian Languages is spoken by most Indians. Like English, the Mandarin spoken in Singapore has also evolved into a distinctive creole and often incorporates words from other Chinese dialects, Malay and English, though all Singaporean Chinese are taught standard Mandarin in school.

Various Non-Mandarin Chinese languages spoken by the majority of the older generations of Chinese Singaporeans and some middle aged generations of Chinese Singaporeans, mostly Minnan Singaporean Hokkien which is primarily based on Xiamen Minnan but mixed with English and Malay loanwords , though significant numbers also speak Cantonese are also spoken between ethnic Chinese of the same language group, though their use has been declining in the younger generation since the s due to government policies discouraging the use of other Chinese languages in favour of Mandarin.

Other Indian languages, such as Punjabi among the Sikhs, are also spoken. The official Chinese script used in Singapore is the simplified script used in mainland China.

As such, all official publications including local newspapers and signs are in simplified Chinese and all ethnic Chinese are taught to write the simplified script in school.

However, the older generations still prefer the traditional style, and the popularity of Hong Kong Cantonese and the resurgence of Taiwanese Minnan pop culture means that most youth can read traditional Chinese.

However, the distinctive local patois Singlish may be hard to understand at times, as it incorporates slang words and phrases from other languages, including various Chinese languages, Malay and Tamil as well as English words, the pronunciation or meaning of which have been corrupted.

Complex consonant clusters are simplified, articles and plurals disappear, verb tenses are replaced by adverbs, questions are altered to fit the Chinese syntax and semirandom particles especially the infamous "lah" appear:.

Thanks to nationwide language education campaigns, most younger Singaporeans are, however, capable of speaking what the government calls "good English" when necessary.

Resist the temptation to sprinkle your speech with unnecessary Singlishisms; it sounds patronizing if you do it wrong, which is highly probable.

When asking for help or directions, it should be noted that due to an influx of foreign workers and immigrants in recent years, there is a chance you might be asking somebody who has not been in Singapore for all that long.

In extreme cases, one might even encounter a person who barely speaks any English or is downright unfriendly. Unfortunately it is difficult to determine at a glance who you should or should not ask for directions, but do not be afraid to try asking another person if the first answer you get is not satisfactory.

A guaranteed way of finding someone willing to help would be to ask a teenager. As a result of compulsory English education, all teenagers speak English and will definitely be able to help.

Rest assured that most bona fide Singaporeans would also be more than happy to help. Western television shows and films are shown in their original language with occasional subtitles into Mandarin.

Television programmes and films that originate in other parts of Asia however, are dubbed into the language of the channel they will be shown at.

This especially applies to programmes and films originally in the Hong Kong Cantonese language and Taiwanese Minnan language, in which case government policy mandates them to be dubbed into Mandarin English subtitles are shown during primetime hours.

Carry around with you a copy of the train network so you know how to get to places without having to go to the train station or look online.

The train network is quite complicated and there can be a number of different routes to get to 1 place. Singapore is notoriously expensive for hotel accommodation.

Backpacker options are affordable and clean. For water sports in particular, the busy shipping lanes and sheer population pressure mean that the sea around Singapore is murky, and most locals head up to Tioman Malaysia or Bintan Indonesia instead.

Singapore may be a young country but it has a constantly evolving artistic landscape that draws its influences from its unique heritage of East and Southeast Asian culture, with a good mix of western touch.

The Renaissance City Project was initiated in by the Singaporean Government to establish Singapore as a regional city of the arts to cultivate artistic interest and culture.

Today, Singapore sees itself flourishing in the third phase of the renaissance city project with new museums, international galleries and art fairs entering the local artistic landscape.

And in , fourteen international galleries arrived at the shore of Singapore housed at The Gillman Barracks, a new artistic area.

The National Art Gallery opened in , and housed in two national monuments - the former Supreme Court Building and City Hall, is the largest visual arts institution in Singapore and also one of the largest regionally, focusing on modern Southeast Asian art through its collections.

On the cultural side of things, Singapore has been trying to shake off its boring, buttoned-up reputation and attract more artists and performances.

Any bands and DJs touring Asia are also pretty much guaranteed to perform in Singapore. Going to the movies is a popular Singaporean pastime, but look for "R21" ratings 21 and up only if you like your movies with fewer cuts.

For an up-do-date guide on alternative events happening around Singapore from concerts, festivals etc, visit City Nomads Singapore.

Singapore has two integrated resorts with casinos. A driver license from your home country will not work. Besides the casino, there are other forms of legalised betting which are more accessible to the locals.

This includes horse racing, which is run by the Singapore Turf Club [] on weekends, as well as football soccer betting and several lotteries run by the Singapore Pools.

Mahjong is also a popular pastime in Singapore. The version played in Singapore is similar to the Cantonese version, but it also has extra "animal tiles" not present in the original Cantonese version.

However, this remains pretty much a family and friends affair, and there are no mahjong parlours. Despite its small size, Singapore has a surprisingly large number of golf courses, but most of the best ones are run by private clubs and open to members and their guests only.

See the Singapore Golf Association for the full list; alternatively, head to the nearby Indonesian islands of Batam or Bintan or up north to the Malaysian town of Malacca for cheaper rounds.

The inaugural F1 Singapore Grand Prix [] was held at night in September , and is a fixture on the local calendar. The F1 Organizers have confirmed that the night race will be extended till Held on a street circuit in the heart of Singapore and raced at night, all but race fans will probably wish to avoid this time, as hotel prices especially room with view of the F1 tracks are through the roof.

Besides being a uniquely night race, the carnival atmosphere and pop concert held around the race ground as well as the convenience of hotels and restaurants round the corner, distinguish the race from other F1 races held remotely away from urban centres.

The Singapore Turf Club [] in Kranji hosts horse races most Fridays, including a number of international cups, and is popular with local gamblers.

The Singapore Polo Club [] near Balestier is also open to the public on competition days. There are also numerous shops offering traditional Chinese massage, which are mostly legitimate.

The less legitimate "health centres" have been shut down. Traditional asian-style public baths are non-existent. When looking for beauty salons on Orchard Road, try out the ones on the fourth floor of Lucky Plaza.

They offer most salon services like manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and hair services. A favorite of flight crew and repeat tourists due to the lower costs as compared to the sky high prices of other salons along the shopping belt.

Shop around for prices, some of the better looking ones actually charge less. When in the Bugis or Kampong Glam walking belt, a good stop to rest weary feet would be at one of the many nail parlours in the area.

Manicures or pedicures are very affordable in Singapore and most salons maintain a high level of hygiene. Forget your tiny hotel pool if you are into competitive or recreational swimming: Singapore is paradise for swimmers with arguably the highest density of public pools in the world.

They just come from nearby housing complexes for a few hours to chill out, read and relax in the sun. Most are open daily from Just imagine swimming your lanes in the tropical night with lit up palm trees surrounding the pool.

It opens all day Check their website for lane availability. The East Coast Park has a scenic coastline that stretches over 15km. Sentosa island also has three white, sandy beaches - Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach - each with its own distinct characteristics, and also very popular with locals.

Canoeing and dragon-boating are popular water-sports in Singapore, and there are many beautiful reservoirs and rivers where one can partake in such physical activity.

Besides these more regular water sports, Singapore also offers water sports fans trendy activities such as cable-Skiing and wave surfing in specially created environments.

While obviously not the best place on Earth for skiing, sunny Singapore still has a permanent indoor snow centre — Snow City offers visitors to the region a chance to experience winter.

Visitors can escape from the hot and humid tropical weather to play with snow or even learn to ski and snowboard with internationally certified professional instructors.

There are several enjoyable things that not even many locals know about. If you are in the mood of doing sport, consider the MacRitchie Reservoir, featuring 11km of jungle running trails with monkeys, reptiles and turtles.

The sport of prawn fishing has grown tremendously in recent years across South East Asia and can also be found in Singapore.

Goods and services tax GST , where applicable, is required by law to be included in the listed price of goods except for major hotels and some restaurants.

When you see NETT, it means it includes all taxes and service charges. The GST is refundable only in the departure area of the main Changi airport.

The actual terms and documentation requirements are long and include a large fee and that you must remain outside of Singapore for a full year.

Check here before the big spluge and allow time before your departure flight. Travellers cheques are generally not accepted by retailers, but can be cashed at most exchange booths.

Currency exchange booths can be found in every shopping mall and usually offer better rates, better opening hours and much faster service than banks.

The huge 24 hr operation at Mustafa in Little India accepts almost any currency at very good rates, as do the fiercely competitive small shops at the aptly named Change Alley next to Raffles Place MRT.

For large amounts, ask for a quote, as it will often get you a better rate than displayed on the board.

Rates at the airport are not as good as in the city, and while many department stores accept major foreign currencies, their rates are often terrible.

Singapore is expensive by Asian standards but affordable compared with some industrialised countries: Compare room prices in Johor Bahru, just across the border and consider seeing Singapore from your base in Johor.

Read wikitravel, Johor Bahru: By Bus, There and back again, a day trip to Singapore. Budget travellers should note that Singapore is much more expensive than the rest of Southeast Asia and should budget accordingly if planning to spend time in Singapore.

In general, prices in Singapore are about twice as high as in Malaysia and Thailand and times as high as in Indonesia and the Philippines. Except in off the beat markets, haggling is not common in Singapore and is frowned upon but asking about discounts is ok.

While at a smaller shack haggle away. Ripped off by a shop? The Small Claims Tribunal at 1 Havelock Sq also has a special expedited process for tourists that can solve simple cases within 24 hours.

Shopping is second only to eating as a national pastime, which means that Singapore has an abundance of shopping malls, and low taxes and tariffs on imports coupled with huge volume mean that prices are usually very competitive.

Most shops are open 7 days a week from 10AMPM, although smaller operations particularly those outside shopping malls close earlier — 7PM is common — and perhaps on Sundays as well.

Mustafa in Little India is open 24 hours a day, days a year. Keep an eye out for the Great Singapore Sale [] , usually held in June-July, when shopping centres pull out all stops to attract punters.

Many shops along Orchard Road and Scotts Road now offer late night shopping on the last Friday of every month with over retailers staying open till midnight.

Even with her young age, Singapore has a wide range of souvenirs available for tourists due to the rich multi-cultural history.

Grab the mini Singapore sling cocktail set at Raffles Hotel and Changi Airport for the true heritage flavour.

Kaya is a savoury coconut milk, eggs, and sugar, usually spread on toast where locals consume for their breakfast. Ya Kun Kaya is readily available in their nationwide outlets and Changi Airport.

Speaking about Tea, Singapore also has her own luxury tea collection from TWG which offers an impressive selection of over teas, specially harvested from all around the world.

Most of these souvenirs can be found in their own store outlets, Changi Airport or Singapore Souvenir curator - SG Style, who does same-day delivery to your hotel.

At the shop you need to ask for a tax refund cheque. Before checking in at the airport, present this cheque together with the items purchased and your passport at the GST customs counter.

Get the receipt stamped there. Then proceed with check-in and go through security. On the air side, bring the stamped cheque to the refund counter to cash it in or get the GST back on your credit card.

See Singapore Customs [] for the full scoop. Singapore is a melting pot of cuisines from around the world, and many Singaporeans are obsessive gourmands who love to makan "eat" in Malay.

Eating habits run the gamut, but most foods are eaten by fork and spoon: Noodles and Chinese dishes typically come with chopsticks, while Malay and Indian food can be eaten by hand, but nobody will blink an eye if you ask for a fork and spoon instead.

If eating by hand, always use your right hand to pick your food, as Malays and Indians traditionally use their left hand to handle dirty things.

Take note of the usual traditional Chinese etiquette when using chopsticks, and most importantly, do not stick your chopsticks vertically into a bowl of rice.

Keep an eye out for the Singapore Food Festival [] , held every year in July. During the last three festivals, all visitors to Singapore smart enough to ask for them at any tourist information desk received coupons for free chilli crab , no strings attached!

Singapore is justly famous for its food, a unique mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western elements. The following is only a brief sampler of the most popular dishes.

Culinary borrowings Many regional terms and the odd euphemism tend to crop up in notionally English menus. A few of the more common ones:.

The most identifiable cuisine in the region is Peranakan or Nonya cuisine, born from the mixed Malay and Chinese communities of what were once the British colonies of the Straits Settlements modern-day Singapore , Penang and Malacca.

Besides these dishes, the Peranakans are also known for their kueh or snacks, which are somewhat different from the Malay versions due to stronger Chinese influences.

Characterized by heavy use of spices, most Malay dishes are curries, stews or dips of one kind or another and nasi padang restaurants, offering a wide variety of these to ladle onto your rice, are very popular.

Malay desserts, especially the sweet pastries and jellies kuih or kueh made largely from coconut and palm sugar gula melaka , bear a distinct resemblance to those of Thailand.

But in the sweltering tropical heat, try one of many concoctions made with ice instead:. Chinese food as eaten in Singapore commonly originates from southern China , particularly Fujian and Guangdong.

Delicious and authentic Indian food can be had at Little India, including south Indian typical meals such as dosa thosai crepes, idli lentil-rice cakes and sambar soup, as well as north Indian meals including various curries, naan bread, tandoori chicken and more.

In addition, however, a number of Indian dishes have been "Singaporeanized" and adopted by the entire population, including:. Social welfare Singapore style One thing notably absent from Singaporean hawker centres and food courts is any form of napkins or tissues.

These folks believe in self reliance instead of depending on government welfare funds. Do give them your respectful support. The cheapest and most popular places to eat in Singapore are hawker centres , essentially former pushcart vendors directed into giant complexes by government fiat.

The lack of air-conditioning may seem somewhat unbearable to foreigners, but a visit to a hawker centre remains a must when in Singapore.

Touting for business is illegal, and occasionally a reminder of this can result in people backing off a bit. To order, first chope reserve a table by either parking a friend by the table or, in the more Singaporean way, dumping a pack of tissue onto the tabletop.

Some stalls will deliver to your table, in which case you pay when you get your food. Although, if it is quiet and you are sitting nearby, they will usually deliver anyway.

Once you are finished, look around: This is part of a government initiative that has been pushed out in recent years encouraging diners to return their own plates so as to reduce the burden on the cleaners.

If there are no signs, you can leave your dishes on your table, where a cleaner will come by to pick them up.

Every district in Singapore has its own hawker centres and prices decrease as you move out into the boondocks.

For tourists, centrally located Newton Circus Newton MRT , Gluttons Bay and Lau Pa Sat near the River , are the most popular options — but this does not make them the cheapest or the tastiest, and the demanding gourmand would do well to head to Chinatown or the heartlands instead.

Many of the best food stalls are located in residential districts away from the tourist trail and do not advertise in the media, so the best way to find them is to ask locals for their recommendations.

And if you miss western food, Botak Jones [] in several hawker centres offers reasonably authentic and generously sized American-restaurant style meals at hawker prices.

Coffee, see, and tea, oh! If you order just kopi the Malay word for "coffee" or teh Hokkien for "tea" in Singapore, it will definitely be served with a heaped spoonful of sugar, and more often than not with a squirt of sweet condensed milk.

To get rid of the sugar, you need to ask for it kosong "plain" , but if you want a plain black cup of joe, you need to ask for kopi-O kosong!

If you want your drink cold, just add a peng to the end of the drink name, eg. Despite the name, coffee shops or kopitiam sell much more than coffee — they are effectively mini-hawker centres with perhaps only half a dozen stalls one of which will, however, sell coffee and other drinks.

The Singaporean equivalent of pubs, this is where folks come for the canonical Singaporean breakfast of kopi strong, sugary coffee , some kaya egg-coconut jam toast and runny eggs, and this is also where they come to down a beer or two and chat away in the evenings.

More discerning coffee drinkers may consider visiting the local cafes that serve coffee brewed with greater skill and care than these international coffee chains.

Found in the basement or top floor of nearly every shopping mall, food courts are the gentrified, air-conditioned version of hawker centres.

Such restaurants are self-service and clearing your table after your meal is strongly recommended. In addition to the usual suspects, look out for these uniquely Singaporean brands:.

Kee-ping up with the Lims Ever wonder why every other Chinese hawker stall and restaurant in Singapore has a name that ends in Kee? The answer is simple: A name like Yan Kee thus means "run by the Yan family", and should not be taken as a political statement!

Singapore offers a wide variety of full-service restaurants as well, catering to every taste and budget. As with Chinese restaurants anywhere, food is eaten with chopsticks and served with Chinese tea.

Depending on where you go and what you order, prices can vary greatly. Being a maritime city, one common specialty is seafood restaurants , offering Chinese-influenced Singaporean classics like chilli crabs.

These are much more fun to go to in a group, but be careful what you order: Singapore also has its share of good Western restaurants, with British and American influenced food being a clear favourite among locals.

French, Italian, Japanese and Korean food is also readily available, though prices tend to be on the expensive side, while Thai and Indonesian restaurants tend to be more affordable.

One British import much beloved by Singaporeans is high tea. In the classical form, as served up by finer hotels across the island, this is a light afternoon meal consisting of tea and a wide array of British-style savoury snacks and sweet pastries like finger sandwiches and scones.

However, the term is increasingly used for afternoon buffets of any kind, and Chinese dim sum and various Singaporean dishes are common additions.

Note that many restaurants only serve high tea on weekends, and hours may be very limited: Singaporeans are big on buffets , especially international buffets offering a wide variety of dishes including Western, Chinese and Japanese as well as some local dishes at a fixed price.

Popular chains include Sakura [] , Pariss [] , Vienna [] and Todai []. Most hotels also offer lunch and dinner buffets.

Prices are generally what you would expect for eating at a fine dining restaurant in the West. Pop up dining options or supper clubs are normally dinner events hosted by local chefs.

While a relatively new concept in Singapore, it is gaining popularity with more and more local chefs opening up their homes to guests.

Authentic food and dining in the company of new friends is a new trend that is catching up in Singapore. BonAppetour is a great place to discover such dining options.

Singapore is an easy place to eat for almost everybody. Many Indians and a few Chinese Buddhists are strictly vegetarian , so Indian stalls may have a number of veggie options and some hawker centres will have a Chinese vegetarian stall or two, often serving up amazing meat imitations made from gluten.

Chinese vegetarian food traditionally does not use eggs or dairy products and is thus almost always vegan ; Indian vegetarian food, however, often employs cheese and other milk products.

Be on your guard in ordinary Chinese restaurants though, as even dishes that appear vegetarian on the menu may contain seafood products such as oyster sauce or salted fish — check with the waiter if in doubt.

Some restaurants can be found that use "no garlic, no onions". This is found at practically every Malay stall and many Indian Muslim operations too, but more rarely on outlets run by the Chinese, few of whom are Muslims.

That said, the popular Banquet [] chain of food courts is entirely halal and an excellent choice for safely sampling halal Chinese food. Many, if not all, of the Western fast-food chains in Singapore use halal meat: Jews, on the other hand, will have a harder time as kosher food is nearly unknown in Singapore.

A few exceptions to this include Cedele [] and Barracks House []. Some clubs have 24 hr licenses and few places close before 3AM.

Gay bars are mostly found around Chinatown. Drinking age is 18, and while this is surprisingly loosely enforced, some clubs have higher age limits.

Friday is generally the biggest night of the week for going out, with Saturday a close second. Most clubs are closed on Monday and Tuesday, while bars generally stay open but tend to be very quiet.

For a night out Singapore style, gather a group of friends and head for the nearest karaoke box — major chains include K-Box [] and Party World.

Beware that the non-chain, glitzy or dodgy looking, neon-covered KTV lounges may charge much higher rates and the short-skirted hostesses may offer more services than just pouring your drinks.

In Singapore, the pronunciation of karaoke follows the Japanese " karah-oh-kay " instead of the English " carry-oh-key ".

You can bring in up to one litre of liquor and two litres of wine and beer if you arrive from countries other than Malaysia.

Alcohol is haram forbidden to Muslims, and most Muslim Singaporeans duly avoid it. While most non-Muslim Singaporeans are not puritanical and enjoy a drink every now and then, do not expect to find the binge-drinking culture that you will find in most Western countries.

Unlike in most Western countries, public drunkenness in socially frowned upon in Singapore, and misbehaving yourself under the influence of alcohol will certainly not gain you any respect from Singaporean friends.

Do not allow any confrontations to escalate into fights, as the police will be called in, and you will face jail time and possibly caning.

Prices when eating out vary. On the upside, happy hours and two-for-one promotions are common, and the entry price for clubs usually includes several drink tickets.

Tourists flock to the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel to sample the original Singapore Sling , a sickly sweet pink mix of pineapple juice, gin and more, but locals almost never touch the stuff.

There are also many online alcohol stores that offer great value and convenience with doorstep delivery such as Cellarbration Singapore, Alcohol Delivery, Winelah and Cornerstonewines for you to shop from if you are looking for an affordable nightcap or as a gift for your host in Singapore.

Tobacco is heavily taxed, and you are not allowed to bring more than one opened pack not carton, but a single pack! This is particularly strictly enforced on the land borders with Malaysia.

Many public places including hawker centres have restrictions on smoking, and it is prohibited in public transport as well. There is a total ban on smoking in all air-conditioned places including pubs and discos , and strict limitations on where you can smoke outside as well e.

The designated zone should be marked with a yellow outline, and may have a sign reading "smoking zone". Prostitution is tolerated in six designated districts, most notably Geylang , which — not coincidentally — also offers some of the cheapest lodging and best food in the city.

The industry maintains a low profile no go-go bars here and is not a tourist attraction by any stretch of the word. Legally practising commercial sex workers are required to register with the authorities and attend special clinics for regular sexually transmitted disease screening.

However, please be prudent and practice safe sex--although most sex workers will insist on it anyway. Orchard Towers, on Orchard Road , has been famously summarized as "four floors of whores" and, despite occasional crackdowns by the authorities, continues to live up to its name.

Beware that the prostitutes working here are usually not registered, so the risk of theft and STDs is significantly higher. Some transgender women work at this establishment because the State does not allow them to obtain a license for sex work.

Because they are considered illegal workers, they are subjected to constant raids, harassment, intimidation, imprisonment and other forms of degrading treatment and criminalization.

They also face entrapment where police officers pretend to be customers. Accommodation in Singapore is expensive by South-East Asian standards.

Lower-end hotels and hostels, though, remain affordable and available throughout the year. You can expect to hear loud piling from sites such as the new Downtown MRT Line tunnels late into the night or early morning.

Keep this in mind and check for any construction work near any hotel you choose as the work will be unlikely to stop when you want to sleep!

Cheap hotels are clustered in the Geylang , Balestier and Little India districts, where they service mostly the type of customer who rents rooms by the hour.

Rooms are generally small and not fancy, but are still clean and provide basic facilities like a bathroom and television.

A good number of these value for money hotels conveniently linked by local transport are on Balestier Road. Some of these hotels along Balestier Road are love hotels whose prices skyrocket Friday thru Sunday.

Read the Costs section above for additional money saving tips. Singapore has a wide selection of luxury accommodation, including the famed Raffles Hotel.

Hotel rates fluctuate quite a bit: The largest hotel clusters can be found at Marina Bay good for sightseeing and around Orchard Road good for shopping.

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